The female nude


This painting was done by Edward Monet and is called Olympia; this painting is of a hooker. In these days nudes paintings where very common of females as it showed how the beautiful the females body was and what does it look like to be “beautiful” or have the “prefect” body which is due to social culture. Paintings of nude woman in them days where not painted to the right scale of the females body, they would elongate the females back and legs to show elegance and beauty. As you can see in the painting above it is not like other nude paintings in them days, the females body hasn’t been changed the legs and torso hasn’t been elongated. However it is still keeping in tradition of nude paintings by painting skinny or “beautiful woman. This would have seen as shocking in these days as the females body was painted as realistic and this was not seen as a elegant female. Also this could have been shocking in this day as the servant bringing her flowers is properly from a suiter paying her.


This painting above done by Jenny Saville and is a self-portrait however this is not what she looks like she altered her body in this painting to show that beauty doesn’t have to always be “skinny” and breaking the traditional painting of  female nudity by not having a painting of a  petite female.This painting is suppose to show that this body is also beautiful and elegant however If this painting was seen in the renaissance  era it would have been accepted  or seen as art as the brush strokes are harsh and ruff and made the painting look realistic, this painting also concentrates on woman’s flaws and how it’s okay to have this body.


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