How had technology impacted on the world at the time?

What kind of new materials and processes were available to artists?

Fiona Rae 


Bauhaus design 

The original Bauhaus was built in 1919 in Germany. The Bauhaus design is very modern as characterised by:


  • Primary colours
  • straight lines
  • interlocking shapes
  • mechanical themes
  • industrial materials
  • geometric shapes
  • simplicity

This influenced the architecture of buildings, furniture and graphic designs as  in those days everything was more curved and traditional such as a Victorian chair is very different to modern day chairs.


For example the Bauhaus influenced the way houses a build nowadays. To us this would be seen as normal but when the Bauhaus first was build it was a shock to people. Looking at the house above you can see that it has very minimal colour like the bauhaus and the shapes are very geomatic that slot together.


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