Abstract Art to Performance Art

Performance is a type on genre in art which is presented “live”, Usually by the artist but sometimes it can be collaborators or performers. for example Yoko Ono is one of many famous artist, and she had one performance art piece for she stood in front of the mic and screamed.

Readymade art relates to performance art as they are both very different to traditional art. this is because they are both different forms of art and not paintings, also both these modern art movements are from exciting things not created from scratch.

Performance art or live art became a key art practice in the 1960’s. It contrast to those on stage and screen, art performance tended to be highly experimental in format, transgressive in character and conceptualist in their aims to communicate complex idea. Performance art is usually done on stage, it started with artist’s body making art and then it became a artwork. 

Abstract expressionism started around 1940 – 1950,  abstract art is a trend used in paintings and sculpture in the twentieth century. It is to break away from traditional representation of a physical object and lets us explore the relationships of forms and colours. Whereas traditional art look more at the physical object and represents the world in a recognisable image. 

Yoko Ono is a performance artist, singer, songwriter and peace activist. She is also known for filmmaking. Down below is a link to one of Yoko Ono work of art, this work is called Cut Piece and was done in 1965. This piece is a work of performance art, during this piece people are asked to come up and cut bits of clothes off Yoko Ono herself.

Performance art can be seen as as Abstract art as they link together. This is because performance art isn’t showing a certain object the way we see it, therefore this is breaking away from traditional art just like Abstract art.

Jackson Pollocks was an American painter and major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He was well know for his unique style of drip paintings and he uses his body movement to get the effect, which could be seen as a away of performance art as he uses his body to get his final outcome.



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