Tracey Emin’s Work

Tracey Emin is an English Contemporary artist known for her artwork, as her artwork is her autobiography or somewhat a confessional piece. Erin used a lot of different media in her work, which induces drawings, painting, sculpture, film, photography, near text and sewn appliqué. Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 8.12.35 pm.png

Tracy Emins is seen as a shock artist as she uses a lot of explicit images or meanings in her work. Mins does a lot of work with neon lights. One piece that caught my eye was blinding created by her in 2008. This is because the bright lights caught my eye plus the image shown in the work is very explicit as it is a naked females body. this work can be seen as shock are as people might not react well to it as some people do not agree with the female naked body being shown.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 8.11.29 pm.png

Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963- 1995 was one of Tracey Emins famous artwork, It was made in the 1995’s. Everyone I have Ever Slept with is a piece that is a tent with the appliquéd names of everyone Emin has spelt in a bed with. This includes the people she literally slept in a bed with, which mean that it doesn’t necessarily mean she slept with some sexually. However this piece was destroyed in 2004 in Mozart London warehouse fire, and she refused to recreate it after. The names include family members, friends, drinking partners, lovers and even two number fortunes. This piece relates to my topic for this unit which is a “risk in my own religion”, this is because even though her work is everyone she has slept with i could turn it to me showcasing everyone i had slept with literately. As my topic is risk in my own religion, the biggest rule in the Islamic culture is no sex before marriage therefor I could use her concept to create my own piece.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 8.13.18 pm.png

My bed is also by Emin and was created in 1998; “My bed” is a piece, which is a messy bed, which objects around it. The inspiration for her to do this was the depressive phase she went through and all she did for several days not eating and only drinking alcohol. When she looked at the vile repulsive mess that she made in her room that time she realised she had created something. This piece is also looked as shock art because she is showing her bad times which people might not like or find pleasant, as there is dirty underwear, used condoms, liquor bottles and trash used in the peiced which can be seen as “slutish”.



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